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Urea market continues to explore up

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   December 16, 2015 urea export tariff reform has finally been set, although entirely consistent with rumors last two months, but still lead to domestic urea price rose.

   Shandong mainstream factory price today rose to 1540-1567 yuan / ton, up rose 20-30 yuan / ton, large manufacturers ample advance, recent inventory pressure, but according to the manufacturers to reflect the new single transaction from the previous month decreased. Two Rivers area of low-end offer slightly chase, now mainstream factory price 1510-1530 yuan / ton, set in Hong Kong continues, local industrial real turnover also rose to 1480-1500 yuan / ton. Anhui Province raised slightly on the mainstream factory price 1540-1560 yuan / ton, but slightly reduced the number of delivery, the actual turnover for certain concessions space, adjusted to 1650 yuan / ton, the mainstream factory price in Jiangsu and northern areas of the factory price 1580-1600 yuan / ton. Northeast China market relatively stable, mainstream factory price stable at around 1,600 yuan / ton, the provinces of supply still arrive.

   Annual 80 yuan / ton tax rate to the current ex-factory price calculated on the basis of Shandong province, is compared in 2014, doubling the tax burden off-season, season-saving nearly 180 yuan / ton, the export enterprises relaxed to some extent, so that China can participate in international competition annual urea, can better resolve excess capacity in the short term, the shortage of supply in India fifth tender still continue to set in Hong Kong in January exports, boost the market significantly. Recently around Dongchu gradually started getting goods to be launched in Northeast China, is expected to domestic urea prices will continue to rise slightly the main trend.




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