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Vehicle urea Tim membrane technology

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    December 17, Henan Hong Hong environmental Ltd. announced the use of its self-developed membrane ultrapure urea AdBlue vehicle new vehicle urea production process, the Analysis and Testing Center in Henan testing products meet the national standard GB 29518 -2013 diesel engine NOx reducing agent - car with aqueous urea (AUS 32) physical and chemical indicators requirements. Previously, the application of this technology, the car has passed the national authority urea testing organizations - PONY (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. of detection test, the indicators in line with the national standard GB29518-2013, a number of indicators than the national standard.

  According to Sun Hong, general manager of Great Wall environmental health reports, the membrane ultrapure AdBlue production process by the company was relying on its own research staff urinary synthesis systems development, it is the first direct use of liquid raw materials for the production of car urinary urea new technology. Solid urea as raw material compared to the traditional process is concerned, the process to produce higher quality cars with urea, lower metal ion content. Other current domestic enterprises to adopt the formal vehicle purified urea production process is mostly come from industrial urea, whose main principle is at 70 ℃ ~ 75 ℃, the urea hydrolysis in an aqueous solution; then at below 30 ℃, urea again from crystallized out of solution. Every once hydrolysis crystal purity increase once the general use of industrial grade urea hydrolysis crystallized several times in order to achieve automotive urea purity standards. Some domestic factories by irregular procurement of industrial urea and water mix formulated to vehicle urea is difficult to meet the state standards.




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