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Today, the domestic urea Latest News

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   Between Spring Festival, the domestic urea market is still no hope of price rise for a long time, especially in the we all agree with the premise of bullish market simply because the amount of the transaction and makes the lack of sufficient urea price weakness. In fact, in order to break this deadlock, some industries have tried mainstream urea kicked upstairs promotion last week, although the move to get some big companies to cover short positions orders support, but did not bring more new single transaction. It is also part of the peer review for the failed promotion. Looking back at this week, with small granular urea set Yantai port price down to 1610 yuan / ton, there will be more and more dependent on exports within the actual selling price of the plant below 1,500 yuan / ton. But that does not mean the beginning of a new round of price decline in value, we can only say that the market needs to come in a short retreat to stimulate downstream demand started to bottom base and provide support to the prices of the late prices.

   Mainstream ex-factory price of domestic urea industry is still hovering at the level of 1500-1520 yuan / ton, study its analysis of the objective good from coal resource tax reform, tariff urea, urea VAT support such policies, to market light storage emptiness, urea exports hit a record high, the plant is expected to supply and demand and no such pressure on the stock, and then to downstream agriculture spring fertilizer, fertilizer companies just need to start this kind of raw material procurement. These favorable urea manufacturers clearly enough hype about it, persevering downstream manufacturers lack of confidence, so this should be the stock market rose prematurely run aground.




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