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      Ningbo First Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, is located in Ningbo, China Petrochemical Economic and Technological Development Zone, 2.5 km from the port of Ningbo liquid chemicals terminal, 38 kilometers from the Hangzhou Bay Bridge, 11 kilometers from Ningbo airport, adjacent to State Road 329.
   The company introduced the Shanghai Biochemical Engineering Research Center "microbial catalysis" production of acrylamide industrial technology and biochemical engineering research center with Shanghai Cooperation to establish "Shanghai Biochemical Engineering Research Center Ningbo industrial technology research and development base." Under the careful guidance of well-known biological engineering experts, the Chinese Academy of Engineering academician of ginsenoside and Shanghai Biochemical Engineering Research Center Professor Xue Jianping, as well as the Ningbo municipal government's concern and support, the company was founded in academician workstation, guide acrylamide industrialization of new technologies research and development of technology, especially the development of acrylamide continuous concentrate of new technology, has been identified as a national 863 plan, national high-tech capital grants.
   First phase of 40,000 tons, "waves" brand acrylamide production line was completed in March 2011 and successfully put into commercial production run. At the same time, relying on the advantages of acrylonitrile purchase the controlling shareholder of Hangzhou Bay, Zhejiang Acrylic Fiber Co., Ltd. to provide the world's best quality of raw materials for the company's acrylamide acrylonitrile production, the company manufactures high-quality products of acrylamide and laid a solid foundation, and has been domestic and foreign customers have been received. After that, the company will build 20,000 tons of polyacrylamide production line to further enhance the company's overall strength and overall strategic advantage.
   The company of "meticulous, grasping the quality of products; as good as gold, tree corporate image" of concepts and principles, is willing to colleagues at home and abroad exchanges and cooperation, to provide quality products and quality service at home and abroad, the company remain the world acrylamide Forest of production.



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